Kiwiana Fun Day

At the end of last term, we had a fun day to celebrate our learning on kiwiana. On the day we ate pavlova and eskimo lollies off strings. We also sheared a sheep using balloons, shaving cream and ice block sticks. Pod 2 all did gumboot throwing and a treasure hunt! It was the funnest day ever! We took lots of pictures and used picture trail to show them. It was fun choosing all the different ways to decorate our pictures. Do you like our design and photos? Could you please leave a comment.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mandarin counting

We were counting to 10 in Mandarin. JL and EC were teaching us to count. They said the number and then we said it after them.

It was cool NM.

It was a bit hard JG.

It was fun KO.

I liked counting to 10 in Mandarin IL.

It was exciting MT.

It was a little bit tricky CA.

It was fun counting to ten because I speak Chinese JL.

Our goal is to learn how to count to 10 in Mandarin off by heart!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Beat movement

It was hard to make both of our moves for 8 counts. The easiest part was when we folded our arms. It was fun when we made the dance up.


The hardest part was when JL was hitting his legs and IH's hardest part was learning JL's moves. The best part was putting the dance steps together.

Clicking our fingers

The hard bit was when we had to do the cross click and clicking down and putting our moves all together. We liked it when we clapped our knees!

8 beat dance

It was kind of tricky following the moves. It was fun! The best part was when we were trying to follow each others moves. I think TW's moves were great and when we put both dances together it looked awesome.

Dancing to the beat

The best part was joining the 4 movements together. The hardest part was learning my partners movements.

We rock

We liked doing it. We liked our dance. It was cool. Everything was easy, nothing was hard. The best part was when we folded our arms and moved like we were digging.

the beat

It was very easy to do the moves. The hardest bit was the end bit, we forgot a little bit of it! We had to practice it heaps of times.

8 beat dance

We know our dance off by heart. We had to join all 3 dances together. The best part was when you had to jump foward and slap your thighs. It was very fun.

beat musical

We had lots of fun and we played and played. The best part was the fishy bit. At the end it was kind of hard when we had to do different moves, CA went up and CG went down. My dance was hard to remember especially the part where we had to put our hands on top of eachother.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Groups we belong to

We listed all of the groups we belong to.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Symbols in our school

We went for a walk around our school looking for symbols. We used the digital camera to take photos and tried really hard to make sure our photos were in focus. We wrote about the symbols we found and then recorded our sentences using the easy speak microphones.